Color Separations for Screen Printing

Color Separation software for Screen printing using Adobe Photoshop®

Designed for Printing on paper and textiles.
Professional color separation tools for Artists and Printers
using Adobe Photoshop CS5 through CC

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An image being converted from RGB to spot colors using YRGBK 3.

Create full color separations for Screen Printing with Adobe Photoshop®.
YRGBK 3 is designed to separate an RGB image into a specific set of 7 color channels plus Black and White.
• Channel options include Highlight White and Base White, Light Black, and Gray. Designed for light and dark substrates.
• Customizable settings with save and preview options.
Fully documented.
• High quality output developed for, and by, professional color separators.
• Used by artists and printers worldwide.
• Works in Adobe Photoshop versions CS5 through CC.

A color separation being converted to halftones using SimRip.
Photo by Peng LIU

Automated Bitmap Halftones for multi-channel color separations.
SimRip 3 is designed to convert channel values to halftones for spot color printing.
• Simple to use and easy to print. High quality halftones are generated right in Adobe Photoshop.
• Channels retain their original colors and sequence.
• The output can be printed directly to a Rip or standard printer.
• Includes a Print preview function which allows an image to be proofed in halftones before going to press.
• Works in Adobe Photoshop versions CS3 through CC.