Converting an image from RGB color to multichannel color.
Converting an image from RGB color to multichannel color.

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Color separation for Screen Printing using Adobe Photoshop®

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Color separation controls in the YRGBK panel
Color separation controls in the YRGBK panel

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YRGBK 2 .3 – The color separation script for Screen Printing with Adobe Photoshop®. Activated from the script menu, YRGBK 2.3  converts images from the RGB mode to a printable Multichannel color separation .

SimRip 3  – Automated Bitmap Halftones for multi-channel documents. Simple to use and easy to print.

Custom Black – A stand alone Black Generator. Custom Black generates a black channel from an RGB document suitable for printing.

Custom White – The white channel generator creates a white overlay, and a base channel for printing on various substrates. Using the same value generators used in YRGBK, the custom White and custom Black scripts make it easy to get a printable Black, White or Gray channel.

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Color Separations for Screen Printing