The Website
This site is about processes and techniques for screen printing, The scripts and tutorials are original works and reflect my style and theory of color separation. All purchases support this project directly and help to keep it going. Thank you!

About me?
Hi, my name is Brent. I am a print artist located in northern California. I am a screen printer, color separator and illustrator. I also write, do web design and the Javascript programming available on this website.

I have been in the screen printing industry for over 30 years, and have been working in Adobe Photoshop since Photoshop 4. I produce art and color separations for Screen printing on everything, from 10 and 20 color automatic t-shirt presses to my own hand built poster and textile presses. I Enjoy sharing my knowledge of this amazing process. Feel free to ask me questions about screen printing.

My Art studio in Chico Ca, where I spend my time when I am not at work: Orange Street art print studio

A screen from the 20 color Anatol at the shop where I work.
A screen from the 20 color Anatol at the shop where I work.

I hope you find something new and useful.



Color Separations for Screen Printing