Adjust Colors

Adjusting Colors with the YRGBK script

The Adjust Colors option in the YRGBK script provides a quick way to customize colors in a separation as they are created. In this video I am selecting the Adjust Colors option along with Show dialogs.

For colorful, saturated images screen printed on textiles this is a good approach. Selecting the Show Dialogs option allows access to the Levels as they are applied to each channel. Each color is set to print 100% black in it’s darkest values by sliding the black slider all the way to the first values in the Histogram.

Middle values

In this video I also reduced the saturation value in the script to 5. This compensated for the overall increase in density by shifting the middle, or Gray slider in Levels. I could have also used the Curves option for more control over the middle values. The Curves do not make any adjustments by default.