The new Original

I am very excited to share the latest YRGBK color separation script for Adobe Photoshop® CS3 – CC.
Like the original, the YRGBK script converts RGB images into multi-channel images for screen printing.
Check out the video…

It’s been a long year and I have been hard at it developing these color separation concepts, and I think they are ready. The latest YRGBK script goes beyond my expectations, and really stands on its own as a professional color separation tool. I put a lot of work into the black and white generators with tons of improvements. With a new approach to dot gain and a new color system you can really see the difference.

In the video above you can see the YRGBK script run straight through, in real time on a medium sized image, in Adobe Photoshop CC. This particular image shows how well the subtle transitions are handled. In the coming weeks I will post more on the advanced features and how to use them to adjust for different images and substrates.

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I want to thank everyone for their support and especially for downloading. You make it happen.

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