The Custom Black, White and Gray sliders

Yrgbk 2.3 – The Custom Black, White and Gray sliders

In the YRGBK 2.3 script, the Black, White and Gray sliders control the amount of Black, White and Gray ink printing into the colors. The effect is to brighten the image by letting the colors show through. The level of brightness is controlled by the sliders; higher values in the slider increase the amount of ink, while lower numbers decrease the ink levels. Controlling the amount of Black in an image’s colors is useful for images that are either brightly colored or contain a lot of detail.

The Saturation Mask

The adjustment applies only areas of color. The Script generates a mask using the saturation values in the image. The greater the intensity of the colors, the heavier the Saturation Mask will be. Detailed adjustments can be made in the Custom Black dialog, using the Saturation Mask settings, by checking the Custom Black Checkbox.

Using the Black, white and gray sliders

if I need more detail in my colors, or if my colors are highly saturated, I can increase the value in the slider. if I need less, say for instance I have an image with pure solid colors and a black line, I can decrease the black slider to clear the black out of the colors.

The default settings are balanced with the colors assigned to the color channels.

The Gray Slider in YRGBK 2.3
The Gray Slider
The White Slider in YRGBK 2.3
The White Slider
The Black Slider in YRGBK 2.3
The Black Slider