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The Custom White Generator

A good white screen will make a print look its best, so making a consistent white is important. Custom White takes the guess work out of creating a Screen Print White.

Screen Print White
Using techniques developed for the Black component, the white generator uses a saturation mask, white curve, and  a custom color adjustment for complete control over the white generation process. The result is a quality white channel designed for screen printing.

Bases covered
In addition to a Highlight white, the white generator creates a base white with options for choke, curve and custom color adjustment.

Just the white
This stand alone script for Adobe Photoshop® is the White generator used in the YRGBK script, with some additions. Base and Highlight spot color channels can be created in the same document you are working in, or into a new document.

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Custom White – runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop® CS3 – CC on Mac and PC. * English version.

Custom White is also available as part of a Bundle with YRGBK2

YRGBK2 – Bundle +
Black – White
YRGBK2 – Bundle +
SimRip2 – Black – White

Color Separations for Screen Printing