YRGBK2.3 Color Separation Software
YRGBK2.3 – Bundle + SimRip3 – Black – White

 Color Separations for Multi-Color printing.

YRGBK2.3 color separation with kunstformen-der-natur
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Introducing YRGBK 2.3 Multi-channel color separation script for Adobe Photoshop® CS3 – CC. Activated from the script menu in Photoshop, YRGBK 2.3 automatically generates 7 colors, Black and Gray, plus a custom Base and Highlight White, from an RGB file. Watch the video above and take a look at the Blog to see it in action.

Color Separation software for Screen Printers. A simple and powerful approach created for detailed color separation work. Developed for Screen Printing, YRGBK2.3 is useful for any type of multi-color printing where a larger set of colors is used. How it works YRGBK 2.3  runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop®. Launch the script with an open image and YRGBK will create a new document and display the main dialog. The options displayed determine how the color separation is generated. Check the options you want to adjust and click ok. Under the hood The built in Black and White scripts convert the values of an image into a set of printable White, Black and Gray channels, separating them from the Hues. The color script splits the hues into 7 separate spot color channels.  All of the Hue and Saturation data for an image is sorted into one of the 7 spot color channels. All value information goes to the White, Black and Gray. After separating the values and hues the channels are optimized for screen printing.
Customize for your workflow.
Settings such as Dot gain, Color Density and Black and White levels can be customized during processing. YRGBK2 automates the most repetitive parts of the work, while offering the flexibility needed to be useful. Experienced separators will find YRGBK2 a versatile tool, while beginners will find it a quick entry into technical color separation. Check out the Videos Please Contact me if you have any questions. YRGBK2 – runs from the script menu in Adobe Photoshop® CS3 – CC on Mac and PC. * English version. See the Software Bundles for the best values. Check out the Manual for more details.

Color Separations for Screen Printing