Introducing SimRip 3

SimRip 3 – Halftones for Screen Printing

Introducing the latest version of the original Halftone generator for Adobe Photoshop®, SimRip 3. Automatically create halftones for screen printing within a multi channel document.

Ready to print Custom Halftones within Adobe Photoshop.

SimRip3 has been re-imagined with all an all new settings window displaying the Channel Names as well as the Dot Size, Angle and Shape.

Custom Halftones

With the custom Dot pattern controls in the main window, SimRip 3 provides a quick way to generate several of the most popular halftones.

New shape options have been added and now include a Halftone Line and a Round Dot, with the Standard Ellipse. Getting your separations into printable, custom  halftones, has never been easier.

The SimRip 3 dialog with channel names and more options.
The SimRip 3 dialog with channel names and more options.

Print Preview

The new preview option can be used to generate a document which includes the printers dot gain. This is extremely helpful for visualizing results and making adjustments.

Print Preview documents can be printed to an inkjet printer as a full color image, providing hands on previews of printed material. See the video above to see Print Preview in action.

Multi Purpose

From rapid prototypes and custom effects to printable output, SimRip offers several unique features for the screen print artist.