Shadow Color and Highlight Color

(Another post in the series on using the settings in the YRGBK 2.3 script)

The Shadow and Highlight color sliders

 Boosting the color under the White and Black
The shadow and highlight color options are designed to be used to increase the amount of color printing under the Black and White, respectively. These adjustments are limited to the darkest and lightest areas of the image, and only modify the color channels.

Increasing the color printing in the shadows helps to make a richer print with better dynamic range, and allows us to use a lighter touch and a sharper squeegee when printing the Black. In some cases, if there are light areas of color that need a bump, increasing the color printing in the highlights can help.

• Generally, I have found it is helpful to bump up the colors in the shadows. This allows for more colorful shadows and deeper blacks. Highlight areas rarely require a boost to the color, however, if an image is mostly light or pastel colors this option may be helpful.

Increasing the colors in the shadows will increase the color saturation in the darkest areas of the image. This image shows the default setting of 50 (left) and a maximum setting of 99 (right)
Increasing the colors in the highlights will increase the color saturation in the lightest areas of the image.