YRGBK Options

It’s been a busy week here reorganizing, updating and adding new projects. I still have a way to go, so I hope you will stay tuned. Here is another quick video of YRGBK in action.

The YRGBK color separator is set up to run using basic default settings. Just click Ok.  For many images this is great, for others the options can be changed. YRGBK has additional option panels for creating custom black, custom whites and adjusting colors. This video shows all three option panels plus the main panel.

With an image like this I could re-run the script and make adjustments to the black setting and adjust the color setting. Often it is possible to merely adjust the channels to balance the image after processing, but in this case there might be some values dropping out. The resulting document contains the original RGB channels, making it easy to repeat the color separation process or run other scripts.